You Remind Me of You

Dear little Carmen Dee Jane,

You are here!! You have blessed our family immensely with your presence. You decided to come a few days early which was a fun surprise for your mommy and daddy.  Praying that very morning for your arrival and God’s timing for you physically entering the world, you graced us with yourself about two hours after that prayer!

Our lives have changed forever now that you are in our arms.  I can’t fully comprehend the concept that you have been given to us to care for, love, teach, and steward for the rest of our lives. It blows my mind every time I try and grasp it.  You are God’s precious gift to us.  In no way have we passed any tests to show that we qualified to have you but God in His grace saw it best for you to be in our lives and us in yours.  Grace.  It’s so humbling.

No one could have fully prepared me for what your arrival was going to be like. Many say it’s love at first sight, and some don’t know what to think! When I first held you, I knew I had loved you unconditionally up until that point and would continue to do that your entire life.

I’m cherishing every minute we have with you.  Life is short, life is temporal, life it fragile, but life can be found eternal when we know and believe in the Author or life. Ultimately, you are the Lord’s. You belong to Him, He created every part of you, knitting you together in my womb. It’s a daily surrender, moment by moment, “giving” you over to the Lord again and again. He’s in control, He has a plan, and He knows whats best for you. Mom’s need a lot of wisdom!

Your daddy and I pray every day you come to know Him soon!  We will do our best to teach you and display Christ to you in how we live our lives but in NO way will we ever do this perfectly.  Ever..  but  our imperfections can point you to Him who is perfect.

I say this to you often but it’s words will always be true, “Daddy loves you and Mommy loves you but Jesus loves you most of all.”
One day you’ll understand what that means and Lord willing, believe it whole heartedly.

So while you are just 3 weeks old, I will cherish the waking up at night to feed you, the many diapers you love to fill, the laundry basket overflowing, and learning more about you more and more every minute! Your sweet squeaks, “snoring”, and baby coos are noises I hope to never forget!  This phase will quickly be behind us so I don’t want to wish any of it away.

Many people ask us who you look more like. It’s a fun thing to see and to wait and notice little features but every day i’m asked this question I always go back to saying, she reminds me of herself!  You are your own little person. I pray the pressures of this world would stay far from you and that you always strive to be all that Gods made you to be.

It’s a joy, a journey, and a very undeserved assignment to us.  Thanks for being part of our lives Little Carmen!  We love you SOOOO much!! And Jesus loves you most of all.

Daddy and Mommy


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